Just a Few More Hats

My endeavors to crochet seem to be falling by the wayside. At this point, I don't even remember what was going on in April. And it's not just me either!

The Crochet Club met at the end of March and after checking the extended forecast, decided to wait it out until May before trying again. The weather always seems to be nasty on Tuesdays for some reason. When May rolled around Pat and I were the only ones to meet and since them I've been unable to go and pretty much so has everyone else. So needless to say, very little crocheting has been going on at all in the neighborhood. 

When Hubster was in Leigh Memorial hospital last week I was able to get a few more hats done for the Angel babies. The nurses who worked with us loved the small hats. One nurse remember me and my husband from when we had spent the day at Princess Anne when my dad passed. She said she remembered me crocheting by the window and Danny's white hair. And here we were in another hospital!

I learned that they need blankets in their oncology department. I'm hoping to check into that soon. Perhaps that will jumpstart us back into action.


Breath of Fresh Air

I finished my Glover stitch afghan! I love how the colors compliment each other and gives the blanket a clean, crispness like a breath of fresh air. This is definitely my Spring blanket!

It is 48 inches x 36 inches and feels nice and solid, just the kind of blanket to cozy up to! I really like the way the stitches turned out! It is a little wobbly on the sides but that's to be expected when you are crocheting on raw ends. All in all, it turned out better than I'd hoped.


Colorful Glover Stitch

After my recent puzzle playing cravings subsided I looked over some crochet videos I'd saved on YouTube. (Someday I'm going to make samples of stitches to go in my book of patterns). I found the Glover stitch by Meladora and decided to try it with those colors I'd chosen last month.

So yesterday, while icing my knee after an intensive therapy session I crocheted all four colors in my new lap sized afghan to get an idea of how it would look. I LIKED IT!

I'm doing three rows of each color with two rows of white in between. I started with 100 chains made with an ergonomic plastic J hook before moving to a regular metal J hook to actually do the real work. The plastic one is slightly larger which gives just enough slack in the chains to prevent any pulling when I did my first real row.


Odds and Ends

I hadn't realized it had been three weeks since I last posted. I've been going to therapy for my knee twice a week for the last three weeks. I've been exercising at home and then laying around with ice on my knee for three weeks. It's taking forever. So far I don't see much progress but they keep saying to trust the process. They have three more weeks to prove their point.

Meanwhile, I celebrated my birthday a week late, waiting for my daughter to arrive from FL. We had a grand time at my favorite restaurant, the Shiki Sushi and Hibachi at Crossroads. Our favorite waitress was even in attendance so everyone got to meet her. She brought me some fried cheesecake and ice cream at the end of the meal. So funny, the ice cream rolled right off in my lap while she was serving. In her defence I was sitting in the furthest corner and she had to slightly tilt the plate to reach me. She was horrified and apologized profusely, but it could have happened to anyone. We picked it up and with another scoop we were good to go! It was all so good too! Yum!!

I gave up on my yarn project that had stared me in the face for a month. Instead I started doing puzzles on my ipad. One each day as I sat with ice on my knee. I haven't been brave enough to engage the 'rotate pieces' mode yet, but I enjoy the drag and drop of 288 tiny pieces. I like when everybody is facing the right direction! ;)

I've had a couple of genealogy contacts recently so I've been doing some adaptive research on family lines that may or may not be kinfolk. One guy said his mother was a year behind me at high school haven't had time to hunt up my old annuals up the attic but I will soon.

Today, Sunday looks to be a glorious day. After all the rain and damp fog we need this. Yesterday was great too but I spent most of it indoors. Danny was working under the house so I couldn't take the dogs out. Nothing like laying in the dark on moist sand with spiders and who knows what and a little dog comes by to like your face! Danny was grateful to not have that experience!

I stepped outside this morning while the sun was rising. I like noting when it travels to the center of my yard as it moves north to south and back again. This morning I could hear snow geese in the distance (I love geese, probably because we raised them when I grew up). I noticed that birds were getting ready for another day of preparing nests.


Not Falling For Fall Colors

I have been trying to motivate myself to crochet but just haven't been in the mood. A couple of weeks ago I pulled some Autumn colors brown, orange, tan, etc. Every day I stared at my pitiful skeins, hoping for inspiration. Finally I grabbed the orange and crocheted a few rounds to start an afghan. Then I put it down. I just wasn't into it. After more days of staring I gave in to the fact that Autumn colors are not me; I go more for blues and greens.

It just wasn't working, But I have all this yarn to use up so I swapped the orange for a lighter tangerine, grabbed a tomato red, exchanged a cream for a white white, and brown is now purple. I dumped the pea soup colored olive altogether. I'm still not really motivated - Who knows? Maybe I'll just make some hats and call it a day!


Hats, Hats and More Hats

Making hats goes well with the Hallmark Channel. I'm just saying.

I've continued making the preemie hats but I'm now getting to the end of the baby yarn. I think I'm spoiled now. Recently I tried using "regular" yarn and it seemed massive in my hands. I like that delicate look and feel. But alas, it's not for everything, is it?

I've got a nice stock of bulky yarn too. I recently got this incredibly soft skein of light blue bulky (I don't know the name of it) in a grab bag of thrift store yarn. You can't do too much with just 1 skein and that just a part of a skein so I pulled the large loom out and started making a slouchy hat. Now, this is a far cry from my usual hat style, but I must say that I love it!

I was afraid the large loom would make the hat too big for my head but instead, I like how it doesn't crush my hair flat to my head. (or at least leaves me enough curl to fluff it back up). I loomed that yarn until there wasn't anymore so I have this sort of tail that hangs off the back when I wear the hat. But it doesn't stick up so I don't look like an elf.

With all that said it doesn't matter what I look like in the hat. The fact is that this hat is the softest one I ever had and I have plenty of hat to make a wide brim over my ears on especially cold days. It works!


Frilly in Pink

Here's a few more little preemie baby hats. I really love making these! I especially like experimenting with different ways to make sweet frilly brims. I can just picture the little girls wearing this grouping.

And here is my finished pink gray and white 9-block afghan. It turned out better than I'd thought it would, but it's nowhere near perfect. I added a scalloped border around the outside edge which contrasts nicely with the tiny squares around each block.

A close-up of the edging.


Experiment in Pink, Gray, and White

I had purchased a grab bag of yarn at the thrift store a while back. In it was the large skein of pink, white, and gray baby sport yarn. I ended up making large blocks out of it. Unfortunately I didn't calculate too well and only ended up with eight blocks instead of nine. So my newest creation has a large white block in the center

I did three rows of single stitches around each block and then took my big plastic needle and starting pulling it all together.

I love how the rows look where two blocks are joined, like little waffles. Since I've now completed my tic-tac-toe board of vertical and horizontal rows I can take the blanket to the Crochet Club meeting at church to lay it all out on the large tables to see where I need to add some extra borders here and there. (I never said my blocks were perfect)!

It's a pretty good size at roughly 36 inches square before finishing the outer edge. I'll probably donate it to a baby group or perhaps even a nursing home (elderly ladies like pink, right)?

Speaking of babies I did finish a few more hats. Unfortunately the lady that was collecting has already made all her deliveries and I had to hang on to them. But I'll find a home for them soon.


Baby Memorial Hats

I had knee surgery at the end of August (two different surgeries in one year is crazy) which means I've been maintaining a slow lifestyle. So I've been keeping busy making little baby hats for the lady who collects memorial hats for mothers who lose a child at birth and have nothing to take home but an empty heart.

About a month or so ago I took 126 hats made by the Crochet Club at church. Since then I've continued the mission and taken about 30 more. I call them Angel Hats.

These little things are so much fun to make and I'm cleaning out all those miniature skeins of tiny baby yarn that I haven't been able to use over the last few years. No matter how small the hat turns out, unfortunately there will always be a little head that can fit it sooner or later, a little child that God called home too soon. Hopefully, a mother that I prayed for while making it will cherish her hat and find peace.


Ready For a Baby Experiment

My little Speckled Pup blanket finally made it to  church last Sunday. Since it  was made from scrap yarn and basically full of knots I put it where I sit to use behind my back while still healing from surgery. For several weeks I'd move from piano bench to pew and realize I'd forgotten to grab a blanket to use from another pew, making for a more painful experience. My little blanket worked like a charm. (I actually heard quite a few compliments on it too)!

I already have enough yarn on my shelves to last quite a long while and keep telling myself "do not buy more" until I use what I have already. So what do I do? Again?

It's not my fault! It fairly jumps off the shelves into my shopping cart! I'd actually done pretty good lately, suppressing this yarn urge, but last week there it was -- a deal I could not pass by!

It was a big ol' 8.5 ounce skein of pink Bernat Baby Sport yarn for just 99¢! I looked on eBay and these are easily selling for $10-$12. But I'm going to try actually making a baby blanket out of it using one of the recent stitches I've been playing with. I have an experiment up my sleeve.